How to use Rate This App ?

Our website has a simple goal : help yourself in the research of a Facebook application or a game, and then consult your findings at our page dedicated to it.
We made it simple, so you can easily give your opinion using the report page of the application.
You will see in the following sections, how to consult the report page of an application or a game, and then you'll learn how you can participate and give your own feedback.

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1. Description of the application / game
This is the description you can read about the application or the game, from Facebook Application Store.
You can found the category, sub-category and the company that developed the application. Tips: you can found on the report page other games or application that belong to the same category, or were developed by the same company.

2. Number of users and rank
In this section, you can consult the number of active users of the application or the game. You can also see the last known rank.
To be up to date, we have to refresh these data quite often; that's why we can say that these numbers reflect the current state of the application.
There are three kind of statistics about number of users : daily, weekly and monthly active users.

3. User ratings
Based on user votes, this ratings are coming from users appreciation.
The different criteria are the following :

In this section, on the right side, you can see the result of votes, like this : 25 / 2
In the green square, this is the total number of users that vote OK for the corresponding criteria; in the red square, this is the total number of users that vot Not OK for the criteria.

You can give your opinion by clicking on one of the following buttons (green one for OK, red one for Not OK) :
Your vote will be added to the results instantly.

4. Usage metrics
You can consult the evolution of the number of active user for an application or game, per month (for one year).
You can easily select the year of statistics you want to see.

You can read people's comments about an application or game, to see if there are some interesting feedback or opinion that could help you. You can post comments about an application or a game, to share some tips, news or info with the community of users.